Tips to avoid common tourist scams and travel annoyances in Vietnam

With some following tips on tourist scams in Vietnam that Balotravel introduces to you, hopefully, your experience to Vietnam will be a trip of a lifetime, positively.

Study your destination

1 travel scams to avoid in Vietnam

Before kicking the trip off, you are advised to thoroughly study your destination to have a detailed plan on where to stay, how to move, where to eat, whether the cost of life there is cheaper or more expensive than that in your place. That’s how you will be more active during the trip be able to avoid common Vietnam scams. Now, many travel forums provide useful information that you can easy access at your fingertips. By doing this, you are on your way to become a smart traveler who is able to recognize Vietnam scams and annoyances and know how to avoid them

Note down the hotline number

2 Vietnam scams and annoyances

A majority of tourists facing tourist scams in Vietnam often grin and bear it or release their anger through statuses on social networking sites because they don’t want to be caught in a quarrel in a totally strange place. To avoid this situation, you should remember to note down the hotline numbers of local authorities of your destination. They will help you solve the problems if “fights” happen to start or and protect you.

Choose restaurant crowded with locals

3 tourist scams in Vietnam

During holidays, food is oftentimes sold at relatively high price in restaurants or food stalls in tourist destinations. So, no need to choose luxury places, you can have meals in popular places: that’s how you can save your travel budget and have chance to experience the life of a local. Wanna enjoy local specialties? Choose restaurants crowded with locals because they are often highly regarded by locals.

Order dishes whose prices are on menu

4 common Vietnam scams

First thing you should do after entering a restaurant is to ask for menu with price of each meal before ordering. With places that don’t clearly print the price, you should ask the waiters or the owner to avoid the situation of “virtual” price: paying much higher than what you have ordered. Besides, you should order food that is plentiful in your destination: in seaside, you should order seafood for example.

Don’t trust 100% in the bill of the restaurant because it is not totally reliable. This is one of common travel scams to avoid in Vietnam. Restaurants owners in your destination will always have some tricks to increase the number of meals on your table (although you don’t want them). Thus, you should carefully check before paying the bill.

Book hotel room early

5 tourist scams in Vietnam

Websites often have special offer for early-book guests. So, booking 60 days before the trip is ideal for you to pick the best suitable room at reasonable price. Booking late or too close to the holiday, you will have to pay the much higher price. Just bear in mind to check and study the hotel carefully. Don’t let yourself be cheated by stunning photos in ads (which is frequently found and considered one of Vietnam scams and annoyances), instead, ask the hotel staff about what you have not been clear such as service, free water or nor, nearby tourist attractions, etc.

Bargain unhesitatingly

6 travel scams in vietnam

It is necessary for you, in your trip to Vietnam, to unhesitatingly bargain. Usually, male tourists can find it uncomfortable to bargain so eventually, they have been through one of the most common travel scams in Vietnam and have to pay the much higher price than the actual one.

Some places require you to bargain at the price less than the usual one for about 50-70% while to others, it is 10-20%, etc. if you are not experienced, you are easy to buy goods at much higher price than its actual value and end up feeling like a jerk.

Book hotel room via domestic agencies

7 travel scams in vietnam

International booking websites like Agoda or booking are not all-time best choices for you to book a hotel room especially when it comes to Vietnam’s big hotels such as Vinpearl, Six Senses, Victoria, Mường Thanh, and so on. Booking agencies in Vietnam always have some particular contracts with each domestic hotel. So, don’t be too amazed at the shockingly cheap price from 25-50% less than that of other agencies.


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