What to do & where to go in a visit to Genting Highlands – city of entertainment in Malaysia





Genting highlands, 2000m above the sea level, is known as the “city in the cloud” or “city of entertainment”. Staying within a 85m radius of Malaysia, Genting highlands is blessed with temperate climate with a range of temperature from 14 to 25oC (~57oF to 77OF), dry and cold weather and flowers blooming all year round.

From Kuala Lumpur, you can catch a bus towards Genting Highlands. To reach to Genting highlands by suspension cable, you may have to spend about 1 and half an hour queuing in a line of people from many colors and ethnics.

genting-highlands malaysia

Getting off the cable, you may be awestruck by the fascinating and thrilling entertainment system of the highlands. That’s why every year, Genting highlands-city of entertainment  attracts millions of visitors from every corner of the world.

First-class casinos

1 what to do in Genting highlands Malaysia

Shopping as you wish

2 Genting highlands where to go

What to do in Genting highlands Malaysia include doing shopping and eating as much as you wish in shopping centers and bustling restaurants. World’s famous brands are holding a meeting in Genting: Ck, Channel 5, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, KFC and McDonald, etc.

The world’s largest hotel

3 places to go in Genting highlands

To many people, Genting highlands-where to go to spend the night will be the first question popping in their head. In order to meet the demand of places to stay of foreigners, the hotel system of Genting Highlands offers you over 10000 rooms in which 3-star hotel named First World is the one with the highest number of rooms all over the world: 6118.

4 places to go in Genting highlands

Besides, Genting hotel-a 5-star hotel-has an extremely extravagant outlook while Highlands, Resort and Theme Park hotels  look luxury, offering you a wide range of choice from playing golf to boat racing, or surfing, etc.

There is also a big station from which you can travel to anywhere.

The amazing thing is you and your partner have to pay only 19$ for a night following by a breakfast at 3-star hotel First World.

Theme Park

5 places to visit in Genting highlands Malaysia

Lastly, about what to see in Genting highlands Malaysia, Theme park makes a good choice, especially to those who visit Genting highlands with family. Don’t forget to take your kids to Theme Park. Your kids, and even you, will be lost in the plethora of thrilling games, making it really hard to leave.

The park is divided into 2 parts: outdoor and indoor. In Theme Park, tourists can take part in over 50 kinds of Ferris wheels, adventurous roller coaster and sky exploring journey or get on rocket into the space following by a free fall.

5 genting highlands city of entertainment

Besides, there are still lots of places to visit in Genting highlands Malaysia such as the frozen garden where snowflakes fall romantically, where you can ski or fly as a superman, taking a ride with “dwarfs” to have a panorama of Genting highlands. At night, tourists are suggested to visit central theater to enjoy the night life with concerts or operas.




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