Things to do in Cameron Highlands Malaysia: 10 Interesting activities

Cameron Highlands, covering an area of 71.000ha, offers various types of activities for visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape of natural surroundings.


Below are the Top 10 most interesting activities in Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia tourist spots that you can experience.

Tea Cameron Highlands

1. Jungle walks

The hilly terrain and tracks will make a perfect choice for tature lovers and walking enthusiasts to enjoy the natural beauty ofCameron Highlands. Tourists can find out walks of varying difficulties, with some being a casual stroll while others are more arduous offered in this hill station.  Some tracks lead you into the jungle where you can see the misty mountains. The tracks are marked 1 to 10, which is a range of difficulties, from climbing Gunung Brinchang to crossing Gunung Beremban.

jungle Malaysia tourist spots

An easy one is Track 5 or Path 5: you can walk through the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institution then head towards Tanah Rata.  Visitors should consult a local guide for the current situation of those tracks before embarking on a walk alone, because some trails may be closed due to bad weather.

Jungle malay Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Those who fancy doing strenuous hikes are also advised to bring along sufficient equipment such as torchlights, water & warm clothing, and not to leave without informing a guide or hotel staff. It’s because sometimes the tracks might be more difficult to tackle than expected: Do you want your trip to one of the most beautiful Malaysia tourist spots turn into some kinds of nightmare?

2. Boh Tea plantation

Visit to Cameron Highlands would be incomplete without going to the Boh Tea plantation, especially for tea lovers. Founded in 1929, the tea company is the owner of three plantations or tea gardens. These are Fairlie Tea Garden, Habu Tea Garden and the Sungai Palas Tea Garden. Travelling across these plantations and through rolling hills on narrow hillside roads, tourists can fill their eyes with views that are breathtaking.

tea plantation

In the Sungai Palas Tea Centre, visitors will have an opportunity to take part in some Interesting activities in Cameron Highlands such as learn about processes of making tea & packaging tea products in a guided factory tour, with a nice pit stop at their cafe to enjoy a variety of teas and cakes.

To enter the Sungai Palas plantation, visitors have to first take the lane near the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm in Brinchang, which is the same route visitors use when travelling towards Gunung Brinchang.

The tea centre opens from 9am to 4pm and is closed on Mondays.

3. Farms

Cameron Highlands‘ cool temperatures are ideal for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to grow.  Across the highlands’ main towns starting from Ringlet to Brinchang are farms.

garden Malaysia

Visitors could travel to Tringkap or Kuala Terla to take a look at the larger vegetable farms where they grow crops like cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach.

farms malaysia

Cameron Highlands also boasts large strawberry farms. Therefore, tourists cannot miss the Big Red Strawberry Farm a.k.a Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands, where you can hand-pick strawberries or enjoy some freshly made strawberry ice-cream.

garden 2 Interesting activities in Cameron Highlands

This wonderful hill station also brings to travellers a chance to discover flower farms, located in the Bertam Valley, Kampung Raja, the Blue Valley and Habu area. Lots of flowers like chrysanthemums, roses & daisies flourish in this environment.

Garden 3 Malaysia

4. Markets

Markets, wherever you are in this planet, are a pleasure to visit.  The ones in Cameron Highlands are classified into two groups, the Pasar Pagi (Morning Market) and the Pasar Malam (Night Market).

market 2 cameron highlands

The morning market is in the heart of the Kea Farm town and opens daily from 8am while the night market is located in Brinchang, and opens from about 3pm till late at night. Goods in the markets are just spoilt for choice, from fruits to gifts and souvenirs.

Market Cameron Highlands

5. Steamboat cuisine


The Chinese Steamboat, although not originally from Cameron Highlands, has been quite popular at the hill station. Travellers have a wide range of choices from the dozens of restaurants serving this cuisine.  Patrons will have meat, vegetables and noodles dipped into a boiling pot filled with stock or spicy Tom Yam soup.

6. Temples


Those keening on learning more about the culture and practices of people in Cameron Highlands, can opt to stop by the Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, Brinchang. This temple stands on a hill overlooking Brinchang and offers visitors a bird-sight view of the town.  Built in 1972, the temple is home of a large Buddha statue.  Another temple is the Sri Thandayuthapani Swamy Temple, which is a colourful Hindu temple often visited by the tea-picking citizens in Cameron Highlands.

7. Cactus Valley


There must be some reasons why visiting Cactus Valley is noted in Things to do in Cameron Highlands list. Cactus Valley hosts a large variety of cactuses, some can age up to 60 years.  Patrons who are cactus lovers or curious about them can pay a visit to the colorful spiky plants, which come in all shapes and sizes. Located on a hillside area near Brinchang, the farm also plants many kinds of flowers, apple trees and passion fruit plants.

8. Waterfalls


Superb waterfalls are often an essential part of lush hilly terrains and mountainous areas.  There are several waterfalls inCameron Highlands. One is on the way from Tapah to the highlands, which is named the Lata Iskandar, a famous picnic spot and a pit stop for drivers and passengers to stretch their legs and breathe cool, fresh air.  Two other well-known waterfalls are the Parit Falls, located off Trail 4, and Robinson Waterfalls which hikers can reach to from Trail 9.

9. Butterfly farm


Families and nature lovers should put the butterfly farm in their Things-to-do-in-Cameron Highlands list. That is a home of several species of butterfly.  It is a garden built on a hill slope, and known to be one of the oldest tourist attractions inCameron Highlands. The Butterfly Farm is located near the popular Kea Farm, about 3km from Brinchang.  One of the highlight features of this farm is free-flying butterflies, a tortoise pen and a mini insectarium.

Open daily. Tickets: from RM2 to RM5.

A free guided tour when available.

10. Bee Farm


A close cousin of the butterfly attraction, is the bee farm, one of interesting activities in Cameron Highlands.  There are a number of farms of this sort in the area, in Ringlet, Tringkap and Kea Farm. Coming here, tourists are able to watch how locals cultivate honey for honey& learn to appreciate the contribution of bees to the balance of the ecosystem from the exhibitions within the farms. Remember to sample the various types of honey available.




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