The paradise island: Langkawi in Malaysia

Talking about beautiful beaches and paradise islands in Malaysia, many tourists will immediately picture inside their heads the picturesque scenery of Malaysia, many tourists will immediately picture inside their heads the picturesque scenery ofLangkawi-one of the most romantic island on this planet Earth.


Langkawi is an island off the coast of Malaysia’s northwestern part. Tourists find Langkawi attractive because of her charming appearance with sun-kissed beaches and bustling shopping area. One special thing is that tourists can do duty-free shopping here.

langkawi nature Langkawi island

Named as a natural paradise island, Langkawi in Malaysia will give tourists unforgettable experiences of going sightseeing on mountains to exploring mangrove swamp and diving into the sea. It is the diversity within its ecosystem that makes Langkawi a spoilt for choice at the same time unique tourist attraction.

langkawi Langkawi in Malaysia

Located in Kedah state near Thailand, the nature of Langkawi is so well-preserved that there are quite a few primeval forest and rare local fauna.

cenang Langkawi island in Malaysia


One of the most famous beaches in Langkawi is Cenang (whose length is more than 10km), where tourists can take part in thrilling underwater sports such as water skiing, scuba diving and boat race, etc. Besides, for those who are not have any interest in above-mentioned activities, Cenang offers white-sand beach to fully stretch out and enjoy the sunset.


langkawi diving

The beauty of Langkawi island in Malaysia  lies in its pleasure beaches, crystal clear sea under the azure vast open sky plus the fair kind of weather, all contributing to give you an interesting vacation.

Langkawi Eagle

Langkawi is a combination of 2 words in Malay: Lang and Kawi, in which Lang means brown eagle and Kawi is a kind of marble in the island. Fishers in the past must have seen “lang” swooping and clawing “kawi” then soaring int o the sky, and thus named the island Langkawi. A statue of a brown eagle clawing marble has been built near Kuah Jetty as a sign to welcome tourists.

langkawi slope

Unspoiled beaches of Langkawi slope gently to the sea

langkawi duty free

The government of Malaysia proclaimed that Langkawi is a duty-free shopping area. This is considered paradise for shopaholics. Best time to visit Langkawi is from November to May, when the temperature is of average level and humidity is low.

island of ealges

The unique gift of Langkawi is not only natural scenery but also wild eagle. It is not by coincidence that people named theisland Langkawi, meaning the island of eagles. You can catch sight of this kind of grey contentedly soaring anywhere here.

langkawi food

Langkawi’s cuisines can satisfy the pickiest eaters. There are Muslim foods, Thai foods, Chinese foods or, more expensive, European foods.

langkawi sunset

The romantic sunset in Langkawi

langkawi skybridg

At 700m above the sea level, SkyBridge is also an ideal spot for couples.


A road in the island


The crystal clear sea here.

school of fish

Diving into the sea of Langkawi, tourists may find it special when the schools of fish appear so friendly towards people. This might be the result of good preservation policy not allowing anybody to catch or land fish under any circumstances.


To reach this paradise island, tourists can travel by ferry or plane. From the ferry wharf at Kuah, there are high-speed ferries toSatun in Southern Thailand, Pulau Payar, Penan, Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis in Malaysia. Want to travel faster?  Tourists can choose cheap flights from KLIA1 airport to Langkawi. Within Langkawi, the traffic system has been developing well, allowing you to travel throughout the island by taxi or car at a reasonable price.


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