One day in Penang heritage: city cycling tour itinerary

Penang-a beautiful city of Malaysia-is becoming an ever-popular destination to visitors around the world thanks to appetizing dishes, poetry scenery, long-lasting history and vibrant culture.

One day only isn’t enough for you to thoroughly discover the paradise island but for the ones who would love to gain knowledge about George Town- a world heritage a.k.a a “hot pot” of cultures including Chinese, Indian, English, native Malay, etc, one day is enough. Before undertaking the one day tour in Penang, let’s look for a bike first because we are going on aPenang cycling tour!


8:30 am

Our Penang city tour itinerary begins with waking up for a breakfast on Lebuh Chulia. It would be perfect with fresh Bagel bread newly baked and a glass of fruit. This combination could be found I every single café shop in Penang.

One little friendly remind: Don’t stuff yourself because the list of should-try-food is so long and also it is the cycling tour in Penang! Being full surely makes it hard to ride a bike. Indulging yourself with Bagel and you will regret for the rest of the day.

9:30 am

After breakfast, let’s cross the road, turning into Lorong Carnarvon street where you see lots of stores selling fresh food in the market. This narrow street is a place where lots of bustling activities take place. You must consider yourself a lucky one to pay a visit to this street.

Don’t forget to order a coffee siphon cup and freshly baked cakes including maracon and tart and cheese sticks.

10 am

So, we have spent so far 2 hours in our Penang one day tour package on food. There are lots of interesting things waiting ahead.


street art 1 Penang cycling tour

Lebuh Armenian is a heaven of modern scarf shops such as Studio Howard, Fuan Wong and jewelry making shop Jonathan Yun. This narrow street is a gallery of well-known artist in Malaysia.


street art 2 Penang one day tour in penang

On the opposite side of Yap Kongsi stands China Jose in which there is a massive collection of books about art and Asian interior design. Nearby is the Ben’s toys gallery.

street art Malaysia penang city tour itinerary

This lovely land has an aura of attraction that can easily take away some hours from your time budget spent in Penang on discovering street art, metal wire art, solemn clan houses, and high towers.

penang metal wire Penang city tour


After the trip to Lebuh Armenian, it is suggested that you have a quick and simple lunch before continuing your afternoon schedule. Restaurants at the crossroads of Lebuh Armenian and Jalan Majid Kapitan Keling serving traditional food would make a good choice to taste the famous street food.

penang street food cycling tour in penang

You can choose either an empty table or a table where there have been some native people sit. They will guide you on which dishes need enjoying. Order a cup of local coffee along with milk and pay attention to the way locals make coffee in a big sock.


Heading towards Lebuh Pantai then Little India of Indian community, you can see lots of cute metal wire artwork. Little India is always full of color and noise. It is also full of choices of beverages such as Madras coffee or Marsala tea and traditional food originated from India.


From Little India, riding to Lorong Stewart which is located next to Bodhisattva Kuan-yin Temple. On this peaceful street, there are a wide range of delicious food that you can give a try. Here you can take a rest with some coffee before continue ourPenang city tour to 41 Living Story in Love Lane street-this is a local store selling odd crafts.

little indian penang one day tour package


Modern shopping malls, traditional markets or street stalls? You name it and there, Penang can meet the demands of the choosiest visitors.

George Town is a best place for those who are hunting antiques and love the sense of classic. There are also lots of old markets and stores in George Town. Inspired by the tides around the city, craftsmen have made various unique objects: from sculpture tokens to jewelry, glass souvenirs and so on.

Wondering what could make a good souvenir?

Then you can let your worry go because here you are in the harbor, which used to be a trading center with long and vibrant history, making the shopping in Penang truly interesting. Local specialties are diversified including herbs or traditional Chinese drug, bitter coffee-specialty of the island, durian-flavored coffee, antiques and local crafts.

When the dark falls…

penang by night cycling in penang heritage

Penang seems to switch into a different face. Shopping malls and stores will open till 10pm.

To wrap up your Penang city tour, you could have a light meal in whichever street food areas or coffee shops you find.


There are a number of companies that offer rental bikes. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The Leaf Bike Rental


High quality bicycles including mountain bike, folding bike, tandem bike, city bike and tricycle at affordable and reasonable prices.
Bike equipment:  a bicycle helmet, single headlights and various security measures to ensure that your cycling in Penang heritage is safe and protected.

RM10 for whole day(unable to overnight)
RM20 for 24 Hours
RM40 1 week
(Prices include: Penang Map, Helmet and High Security Locks.)
Open hours: 9am-7pm
24,Weld Quay, 10200 George Town, Penang
+6012 – 4121007


  1. Freedom Leisure Cycle Supply


All types of unique bicycles, including classic bike, folding bike, twin/tandem bike, Japan postman bicycle and family bicycle.

Sell Japan recon bicycles

Free Georgetown map provided so that you can have a fulfill Penang city tour

Mr. Chew Chun Jin / Ms Tan PF

(M)016-4529848 / 016-4837229

  1. Metro Bike


Unique, eco-friendly bicycle tour company in Penang providing quality bike rentals.

Bicycle Rental : RM20/Bike ( Duration: 24 hours)
Complimentary: Safety Helmet, Safety Jacket, Bicycle Lock & PA insurance.
Bike Rent Center: Tanjung City Marina ( Beside Jetty Bus Terminal- Hainan Town Restaurant )
Operation Hours: 9am-5pm daily
1) Bicycle Model: City Bike – Single Gear ( Suitable to travel within George Town areas)
2) PA Insurance: RM20K insurance coverage on dead and TPD only
3) Security Deposit: RM100/bike or identity card.
Metro Bike
HQ: 49, Jalan Tingkat Mayang Pasir
11900 Bayan Lepas Penang. Malaysia.
Hotline: 019- 409 4663
Fax: (604) – 229 6434


There are also other small shops you can choose to rent bikes for your Penang city tour such as,

Penang Cycle Bay
Lee Jetty, Weld Quay, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.

Bicycle Rental: Weekday RM12/4hours & RM20 whole day: Weekend RM15/4 hours & RM25 whole day.

Chin Seng Leong Bicycle Shop
84, Armenian Street, 10200 Georgtown, Penang. Tel: 012-553-3553.
Bicycle Rental: RM10 for the whole day per bicycle.



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