Legoland Malaysia theme park package tour review

Legoland theme park Malaysia – just a name can reveal lots of about this park’s features. Yeah, that’s exactly what you have pictured in your head, Legoland is a theme park inspired by Lego- plastic construction toys universally loved by kids in every corner of the world. There has been a chain of Legolands built in many countries such as USA, Denmark, Britain or German and in Asia, Malaysia. Legoland Malaysia is absolutely a heaven to our little angels!

The world of imagination

Legoland legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia theme park mesmerizes kids by its own world created from imagination. Here it is imagination that turns simple Lego bricks into animals, wonders, dreamy world, etc. Right from the start, kids are warmly welcomed by a hilarious zoo where dinosaurs, giraffes, camels, hippos, horses and even dragons live. All are made of Lego bricks, which gives them a lovely appearance as if they have just walked out from cartoon movies.

Legoland legoland theme park malaysia

The paradise of games

3 legoland malaysia package

In your Legoland Malaysia package, Miniland is only a small part. Legoland theme park Malaysia has much more to offer and satisfy you. There are other areas classified by themes such as Land of Adventure, Imagination, Lego Kingdom, Lego City, Lego Technic, etc. In which, Land of Adventure is the area of fascinatingly adventurous activities namely Dino Island, Pharaoh’s Revenge, etc. Imagination, no surprise when it has been named that way, is a space of imagination-a home of cute cartoon characters and Lego Studio 4D, an ideal place for kids to take part in a wide range of games from adventure to academy like firefighting, car racing, water skating, prestidigitation performing, and drawing.

4 legoland malaysia package tour

After that, your whole family can take a rest and have enjoy meal at fast-food restaurants within the park. Lego sets are always available for parents to buy for their children as a gift after Legoland Malaysia package tour.

Kid’s creativity enhancing

5 legoland malaysia theme park review

Not only being a place of entertainment, Legoland Malaysia theme park can also a place for kids to radiate their energy and promote their creativity as well as imagination. Undertaking Legoland Malaysia package tour, parents have grabbed an opportunity to see their reserved and timid children surpassing themselves after each thrilling game. Those experiences will surely boost children’s confidence and inspire them to discover the beautiful world out there.

6 legoland malaysia theme park

Many games in Legoland Malaysia theme park are designed for both parents and children to take part in, to cooperate and together create unforgettable memories.

Let’s see Legoland Malaysia theme park review from some parents who have once been here with their kids.

“The park is so large that make our legs tired but my kids seemed to enjoy themselves very much: they did spend the whole day there without any sign of wanting to leave. Back home, we have one more family album of hundreds of lovely photos. My sons have asked me several times when would we return to Legoland. After all, travelling to Malaysia was so much fun at the same time cheap and quite unique.”

legoaland hotel

“We spent an entire day at Legoland but time seemed to go faster there! How much I love the feeling when my kids and I had fun there. We did build Lego castle for hours. Playing with them washed all my stress, and worries away”.

Legoland theme park Malaysia is located in Johor Bahru city. In Johor Bahru, there are also lots of famous tourist spots such as Hello Kitty city, Angry Bird park. This city attracts tourists because of cheap shopping malls like Johor Premium Outlets, Johor Bahru City Square, etc. Johor Bahru and Singapore is divided by just a river, making it easy to go back and forth between the two countries.



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