Honeymoon destinations in Malaysia: 5 best places to choose






Looking for a romantic honeymoon destination? Why not considering beautiful beaches in Malaysia? This country of islands offers you an enormous number of interesting islands, where you can enjoy the most gorgeous beaches of the world along with excellent tourism services.

Below are our suggestions of best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia for newly-wed couples.

Perhentian Islands

perhentian islands Malaysia

First recommended honeymoon destination in Malaysia is Perhentian Islands. For couples who have explorer’s spirit within their souls, Perhentian Island in the Northeast of Malaysia is the most suitable option of honeymoon places in Malaysia. So pure is the water that even children can dive into the sea to watch coral reefs. Newly-married couples can walk hand in hand along the coastline, spontaneously stop by to take photos of a splendid coral reef flickering underwater.  Locals are all enthusiastic, who will guide you to the most beautiful beaches by boat. When the dark falls, it’s the time for tasty specialties and lively music from offshore bars. The entire experience will make you feel like in the heaven.



Langkawi Honeymoon destination in Malaysia

Honeymoon is not only all about spending romantic time together, but also about relaxing, letting hair down after the stressful time of wedding. If financially possible, you can spend your honeymoon in Langkawi –  “The pearl of Malaysia”-a highly recommended place to visit. The island of eagles has lots of picturesque beaches and grand coral reefs and huge range of seafood, which will surely mesmerize romantic brides. Besides, there are lots of primeval forests attracting couples whose middle name is “risk”. Luxury resorts and high-class tourism services are among reasons why Langkawi is one of thehoneymoon places in Malaysia.


tioman Honeymoon destinations in Malaysia

Want to experience intimate and private moments together? Want to travel at low cost to save money? Let’s come to Tioman, Penang or Redang-Best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia. Taking trips from Johor to the peaceful Tioman island-one of the best nature reserves in Malaysia, you will be welcomed by the natural yet poetic scenery.


Best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia

Being a gastronome, you cannot miss the fresh seafood or specialties from India in Penang, at the same time visit ancient and unique architectures.

This land will surely enchant the couples because in Penang, local festivals as well as bustling public parties often take place. One thing special, to those who combine honeymoon with


redang Honeymoon places in Malaysia

To those who combine honeymoon with family vacation, Redang archipelago including 9 small lovely islands will satisfy your entire family.

Besides having resorts at reasonable prices, Redang offers private airport, which is really comfortable for tourists. Flying from Kuala Lumpur to this archipelago, you and your close ones will have chances to take part in exciting group activities such as swimming in the sea, diving, surfing, sunbathing, shopping and so on. All in all, Penang and Redang will be smart choices of Honeymoon destinations in Malaysia.


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