Cruise along Kinabatangan River wildlife sanctuary in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Kinabatangan river is the longest river in Sabah, the second longest of Malaysia and has been worldwide recognized to be the owner of a plethora of natural treasures.

Looked from above, Borneo-one of the world’s largest islands, wrapped by 5 seas is the point where 3 countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei meet. Kapuas, Rajang, Mahakam, Barito rivers lie within the heart of the sea, connecting these 3 countries. Kinabatagan, similarly, has its place within that heart but more special, it hides itself deeply in the dense wood.

4 Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary

From Kota Kinabalu (the capital city of Sabah, Malaysia), you can catch the Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan flight which takes you about 40 minutes, or else, travel by bus or car for 6 hours to reach Kinabatangan River in Sabah.

1 Kinabatangan river

Well-known noses

If it happened to have a “Miss world River contest”, Kinabatagan would receive a huge deal of jealousy from its fellow participants. Kinabatangan River in Sabah is the home of endemic animals, in other words, a small planet of peace for all species.

5 Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary Sabah Malaysia

In Kinabatangan river cruise Borneo, you will float along the meandering river into the mangrove swamp, and catch sight of a long tunnel constructed by the hand of Mother Nature: century-old tree’s branches. The boat will slowly drift, wandering through river chunks, making you realize there is no need to rush in this life. Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary  covers a tremendous vitality under a blanket of slow-paced lifestyle that you may find in the primates.

6 Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary Malaysia

Primates present in Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary Sabah Malaysia include OrangUtan, Proboscis, Macaques, Maroon Langur, Bornean Gibbon, etc. They choose to settle down on the high branches of tree to sunbathe and catch others’ body louses, don’t care at all to the present of people.

3 Kinabatangan River in Sabah

They live along the river banks. Looking from afar, you may mistake a bending tree branch of an entire monkey family with a branch with bunches of fruits. You may get awestruck to observe those monkey swinging from branch to branch as if it were a volleyball match. Each of them or even a whole horde making the big leaps will be one of the most fascinating sights you catch in Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary Malaysia.

Proboscis monkeys with their “notoriously” big noses and eye-catching fur with high IQs are the symbol of peace and sustainability of the land.

Pygmy dwarfs-Pygmy elephants

2 Kinabatangan river cruise Borneo

Borneo Happy Pygmy Elephant  Kinabatangan river cruise Borneo

Diversity of species

7 Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary Borneo Malaysia

Kinabatangan are highly functional as a salt – marsh area. On the river banks stay elephants and monkeys while on alluvial ground are crocodiles, Monitor the water lizard sunbathing. Besides, we can see kingfishers, eagles, great hornbill, stocks, etc. Wildlife photographers will find their ideal place to demonstrator. Some have stayed here for a long time just to capture the kingfishers plunging into the water for fish or simply a giant spider spinning web every morning.


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