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Getting bored of traveling around familiar destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Genting, or Malacca, why don’t you give the beautiful island named Langkawi a try? Langkawi island is predicted to be a hot tourist spot of Malaysia in this 2016. This blog post will provide you with things to know about Langkawi island Malaysia so that your trip to this lovely island would be a lifetime’s experience.


langkaw diving things to know about Langkawi

Langkawi is an island located in the North West of Malaysia, in Kedad state which is near the shared border with Thailand. Langkawi houses 99 islands. The name Langkawi -“the island of eagles” roots from Malay’s word “Helang” which means “eagle”.

langkawi eagle malaysia

This land is the home of a large number of eagles. For the time being, visitors can register for tours that include eagle watching and feeding part in surrounding islands. Plus, Langkawi tourist attractions also lies in its duty-free area.

cenang Langkawi island in Malaysia

The 2 most crowded and bustling parts of Langkawi island Malaysia are Kuah Town center and Pantai Cenang beach: Kuah Town has port while Pantai Cenang has airport. One has to travel through 20km of mountain pass to reach Kuah Town from Pantai Cenang and vice versa.

Ideal time to visit Langkawi

langkawi Langkawi in Malaysia

Citizens of Langkawi island Malaysia are able to enjoy both rainy and dry seasons. The rainy one lasts from June to November, characterized by sudden and intermittent rains.

langkawi sunset Langkawi top attractions

It is fair to say you can visit Langkawi all year round-all you have to do is to choose the time that suits you best.


Via Airline

First take a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is totally okay fly from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi within 1 hour. AirAsia often offers one-way ticket whose cost is under $30 so it is quite simple to get a cheap ticket to Langkawi.


Langkawi has a large MRT station, where welcomes lots of travellers from Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah stations, Penang and Satun islands. Tickets are available in stations.


Taxi would make a comfortable and cheap mean of transportation if you are in a group of tourists. FYI, Langkawi cabbies do not charge on distance or mileage but instead on the number of people getting on it (1-3, 4-8 or 9-11 people, etc). You can use Google map to calculate the price.

Hiring a car is quite simple: they need two things deposit and drive license. Please note that in Malaysia, people drive on their left.

To hire a motorbike for a whole day, you have to pay 15-30 RM. Your hotel or stores along Pantai Cenang would possibly offer this kind of service


For the shopping lovers, Kuah is often chosen as their destination because it is a duty-free area where there are a myriad of stores and markets in all sizes and types. Resorts offer many types of services such as swimming pool, high-class massage and rooms for couples who are in their honeymoon.

langkawi Langkawi island

For most of tourists coming to Langkawi, Cenang will make a good choice. Running along more than 10km of coast road, Cenang is ready to satisfy even the choosiest visitors. Apart from luxury hotels with 4 –to-5-star-service, Cenang brings to tourists a variety of activities such as skating, boat racing, scuba diving etc. Offshore are restaurants standing along with fashion shops and sports stores.


Langkawi suspension cable

This world’s longest suspension cable system at 950m higher than the sea level allows you to get a panorama of this beautiful island.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

skybridge Langkawi island attractions

Getting to the 2nd highest mountain in Langkawi island by suspension bridge, you continue to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while walking on Sky Bridge. This is voted as an ideal destination among Langkawi top attractions for couples who travel to Langkawi.

Eco park

UNESCO has recognized Langkawi to be a member of World Geopark. Thus there is no reason for not visiting such eco parks in here.

langkawi nature Langkawi island Langkawi tourist attractions

Coming to Kilim Karst eco-park, strolling along the wooden bridge across the swamp and Bogak forest, you may catch sight of mischievous monkeys and unique limestone walls. The road leads to an end where there is a large bat cave. You are able to travel by boat and discover the ecology within this park including medicinal plants and migratory birds, etc.

Pulau Payar marine park is located in the west of Malaysia-famous for wonderful diversified ecosystem. This is actually place of white-sand beaches, ideal for picnics. There are also bridle paths for strolling. Out to the sea, you may have chance to encounter particularly interesting things like shark babies.

school of fish LANGKAWI

Underwater World Langkawi (UWL) is a place for discovering the secret of the ocean. This has been built for the purpose of raising the awareness of people on the importance of protecting aquatic life. Underwater World Langkawi consists of 3 main areas: tropical, temperate and  near Antarctic rainforest. Besides, UWL has also been equipped with a modern 3D movie theater, café shop and an Education center on protecting the natural resource.


Mardi lake is a must-visit destination. Legend say that childless women after drinking a sip from this lake will be blessed.

One of Langkawi island attractions that you should not miss is Tasik Dayang Bunting Lake, which is formed by the collapse of giant caves on the island. The depth of this lake could be more than 14m.


Kota Mahsuri: Legend says this is the final destination of the most beautiful woman of Langkawi. Kota Mahsuri has been built to venerate this woman. She is told to be accused of adultery then executed  by stabbing to death. However, the thing is her blood is white instead of being red as normal, which proves her innocent.

Eagle statue

Eagle Square langkawi 3 days 2 night trip

The majestic statue of the eagle looking as if it is just about to fly is the symbol of Langkawi island as well as one ofLangkawi top atractions.

Galeria Perdana

The idea for Galeria Perdana was mooted by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad when he helmed the country as the Prime Minister. In Galeria Perdana, tourists may watch over 2500 kinds of craft goods that promote the craft industry in the island at the same time boost the economy of island’s citizens. Don’t forget to visit the complex of Langkawi’s craft for souvenirs which are so “Malaysia-ly” for family and friends.

Beaches in Langkawi

Beaches are what make Langkawi well-known. Let’s take a look on those Langkawi tourist attractions!

Pantai Cenang

Pantai-Cenang Langkawi

Pantai Cenang attracts tourists by its perfect combination of crystal clear sea, sun-kissed beach and lush palms. Besides, Pantai Cenang also houses cheap and affordable hotels. One more thing, when the sun kisses the horizon, Pantai Cenang’s streets turn into its bustling face with myriad of stores opening restaurants serving local specialties as well as crowded bars.

Pantai Kok


Most of beaches in Pantai Kok are possessed by high-class resorts such as Sheraton or Tanjung Sanctuary, which guarantees a peaceful space for tourists to relax on the white-sand beach and in the clear sea. Plus, tourists can undertake a boat journey to the West of Pantai Kok to explore limestone hills and tropical forest. That would make an unforgettable memory in your trip to Langkawi island attractions.

Pantai Tengah

beach malaysia

Pantai Tengah has the longest coastal line in Langkawi. The quality of sand here is equally as good as Pantai Cenang’s. However, Pantai Tengah is much more quiet with pretty wooden houses on the sea. Visitors can enjoy the massage service in hotels or pay visits to surrounding islands.

Tanjung Rhu


Being one of the famous Langkawi island attractions, Tangjung Rhu offers crystal-like sea, perfect white-sand beach surrounded by dense jungle. Thus, it is like a lost world, which is suitable for those finding a peaceful vacation in Malaysia. Here and there in Tanjung Rhu are food stalls selling appetizing specialties.

Datai Bay

bay malaysia

This is an exclusive beach of high-class resort named Datai Bay in Langkawi. That’s why tourists find this place quiet and peaceful. Apart from swimming in the sea and stretching out on the beach, tourists can visit Ibrahim Hussein museum and Langkawi Crocodile farm which is quite near the beach.


Along with beaches, shopping is also one of Langkawi tourist attractions. Regarded as a duty-free goods heaven, Langkawi mostly offers wine, chocolate an tobacco.

The list of shopping places you should visit includes Bazar night market (where you can buy things at the lowest price), the surrounding of Under Water World, the Jetty Point complex next to Eagle Square, Saga Center in Kuah Town.

shop langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary

About night markets in Langkawi: those in Cenang open on Thursday nights; Kuah Town’s on Saturday nights; the others’ on Wednesday and Sunday nights. All open from 5pm to 10pm.


This session is dedicated to gastronomes who regard food as one of Langkawi top attractions. Food in Langkawi island is famous for not only its diversity, its colorfulness, but also for the cheap prices. Following are some tasty dishes that you may try once you are in Langkawi.

nasi kandar


Nasi Kandar is a popular Malaysian food originated from Penang. It is a meal of steamed rice served with a variety of curries. The rice will be covered by a mixture of curry sauce-let it soak through your rice and all you have to do then is just die from burst of awesome aroma and taste.

koay mooi

Koay Mooi Kee is rice with curry. You may ask for fried fish and chicken or something else if you like. 3RM/box.


char kuay teow langkawi

Char Kuay teow is rice noodle fried with shrimps, beansprouts and eggs. There must be a secret recipe to create such a moreish cuisine as char kuay teow! 3RM/dish

hokkien-mee malaysia

Being a “giant” in Chinese food culture, fried Hokkien mee is among one of the most favorite dishes here. Originated from Fukien, China but in Malaysia, it has had its own local uniqueness. You will be mesmerized by the taste of noodle fried in pig oil then mixed with hoisin-sauce. 2RM/dish

satay malaysia langkawi island Malaysia


Satay is one of the must try Malaysian street food – charcoal grilled succulent skewered meat (chicken or beef) served with special satay sauce.

Above mentioned are essential things to know about Langkawi. To get a fully experience, there is no way but visiting Langkawi in person.


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