where to stay in kuala lumpur

Malaysia’s capital city has a lot of areas and hotels to choose from. Some suggestions below will come in handy if you are coming to Kuala Lumpur for the first time.

Depending on the demand as the excitement or quiet, depending on the pocketbook vibrate or limited, the demand for food shopping or sightseeing and more … you will select the appropriate location below:

Bukit Bintang

Main Street: Jalan Bukit Bintang

Roads around: Jalan Imbi, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Alor, Jalan Tengkat Tongshin

Station: Bukit Bintang, Hang Tuang, Imbisuria Shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur

This is the area where to stay in Kuala Lumpur a visitor rare when traveling to Kuala Lumpur can be ignored. Bukit Bintang area is crowded, bustling and most vibrant in Kuala Lumpur. It is also home to the hotel number, motels a lot, from the big hotels like the Furama, Melia, JWMarriott … to affordable guesthouses, bed dormitory for tourists.

Highlights in Bukit Bintang can easily see that the first batch owning large shopping centers of the capital. That’s Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang Plaza (BB Plaza), Lot 10, Fahrenheit …

In particular, the central pavilion has a large space with hundreds of different stores, from luxury brands to affordable, sufficient to satisfy the believers shopping. Berjaya Times Square is known as the largest building in the world, is the commercial center integrated services from shopping, dining, entertainment. Bukit Bintang Plaza (BB Plaza) there are so many different items of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, bags, computer accessories, toys with extremely pleasing prices. If there is still time, then on the streets of Bukit Bintang are also many shops with a rich variety of goods, variety for your shopping pleasure.

The shopping center was listed prices ringgit (RM) – Malaysia’s currency, in addition to cash, you can also use other foreign currencies such as US dollars or Euros to pay. The Visa or MasterCard cards … are widely used.

In addition to shopping, Bukit Bintang is the place for the culinary enthusiast travelers. The most famous street is Jalan Alor food night, with dozens of bars close together, serving dishes from famous native of Malaysia to the familiar dishes from other countries. Time and busiest bustling Jalan Alor is from 9am at night. At around 3am, the neighborhood restaurants shut down and move only a small number of food vendors in the morning or afternoon. Additionally, you can also eat at the food court in shopping mall or on the street Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Chinatown – Chinatown

Main Street: Jalan Petaling

Station: Pasar Seni or Maharajalela

Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown is Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling). This path focuses a lot of Chinese restaurants with affordable prices, besides a number of other items such as handbags, souvenirs, clothing affordable. You need to bargain because the price is generally higher than 10-50%.

Chinatown near the Central Market, Jalan Petaling a 5-10 minute walk. This is the traditional central market has a long lifetime of Kuala Lumpur, mainly sells souvenirs, handicrafts .. bearing deep local people. However, just as in Petaling Street, you remember to bargain when shopping.

KLCC area

Main Street: Jalan Ampang

Roads around: Jalan Ramlee

Station: KLCC

Starhill-Gallery-Kuala-Lumpur4-Best shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur

This is the area around the tower Petronas Twin Towers – the most famous symbol of Malaysia. At the foot of the tower is the Suria KLCC shopping mall with brands and luxurious class. KLCC focus all famous fashion brands in the world and also includes restaurants, cafes, cinemas, bookstores, art galleries … Outside the park KLCC twin towers, cathedrals Islam, music fountain. You should be in this area if you want to admire the twin towers from above because of the need to get up early to queue.

KL Sentral

Main Street: Jalan Stesen Sentral

Station: KL Sentral

KL Sentral transport hub in Malaysia travel is the most important in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, is the focus of all public transport in the city, including bus, rail, intercity rail. They all transit, parking stops here. Most buses or trains from the airport KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) or KLIA 2 (Cheap International Airport) when reaching the city also stop at KL Sentral. You can also buy tickets by carmakers such as Skybus, Aerobus at the counter or from a ticket seller at the bus station in the basement to the airport.

pavilion Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

However, there is a point you should note that where to stay in Kuala Lumpur is the elevated station at KL Sentral is not in the center. From where the bus park, you need to go out and take about 10 minutes to reach the station. You should be here if they wish to travel many places, especially in the neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur or the famous tourist attractions, such as the Genting Highlands. KL Sentral is also a convenient deposit area for tourists. From KL Sentral, if you want to catch a taxi, you must buy a ticket at the counter, the staff said destination will offer a price for you. You just bought a ticket and took a taxi pick any stops in front of the door.


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