travel Malaysia to see festivals and celebrations

Motorsports Award, Putrajaya at night sightseeing marathon or participate in the colorful festival is the exciting experience in Malaysia travel to  see Malaysia festivals and celebrations .

Guests, eating souls came here in October will be enjoying the lavish banquets in restaurants. The top chefs will present special dishes and exquisite ingredients of the local cuisine. Visitors can feel and learn unique cuisine of this multi-ethnic country.

Time and place: Day 1 – 31/10 at several hotels in Malaysia.

Citrawarna colorful festival @ Kualalumpur 2015

This is the highlight event of the Malaysian tourism to attract tourists in a whole new way.

Please mark this day and join to enjoy a memorable night with a combination of light, music and culture, through which you will feel a true Asian Malaysia.

Time and place: on 17/10 at Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur.

legoaland hotel


International Aboriginal Malaysia Festivals and celebrations

This unique festival shows the characteristics of aboriginal, ethnic minority people from many different countries such as Maori (New Zealand), Aboriginal (Australia), Zulu (South Africa), Aboriginal (Papua New Guinea) , Samoas (Samoa) and Malaysia Orang Asil.

At night performances, you will enjoy the music, dance and culture unique from aboriginal groups. Besides the cultural and performing arts, buying and selling products and the shows.

Market Cameron Highlands

Time and location: 23 – 25/10 at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

Motor racing Malaysia Grand Prix

This is the year marking the 25th anniversary of the race. On this occasion, organizational units arranged more special factors in the annual carnival as MotoGP Moto Mega Wall of Fame, dedicated to the 25th anniversary.

In addition, the week will bring racing fans crazy events and exciting new attraction, including anniversary parties, the repertoire risky acrobatic performances, mini race, sightseeing road track, autograph session of the riders, driving experience …

Time and location: 23 – 25/10 at the Sepang International Circuit, Selangor.

Putrajaya Night Marathon contest BSN

In the marathon with a distance of 5 km night, travelers will run or walk along with thousands of other participants along roads in Putrajaya. Participants are encouraged to use the light-emitting materials (such as shoe laces glowing in the night) the completion of the road running along the boulevard Putrajaya.

Even Putraiaya also become the countless shimmering colors throughout the event, transforming itself from the administrative capital into a paradise night. So, you just dust sneakers, looking anything can shine, flashing and ready for a night full of fun.

Time and place: Date 24/10 Square Putrajaya, Precinct 3.


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