malaysia nature

Long boat ride along the river 2 Malaysia – Kinabatangan, visitors will reach downstream areas, attractive tourist destination for researchers and photographers. in Malaysia travel, tourist cannot miss te Malaysia nature here. 

Kinabatangan 560 km long, starting from the central mountains of the island of Borneo Sulu Sea outflow. Two waterfront is primary forest. Occasionally you catching towering old trees, dotted around it are perennial mistletoe. Villagers said that 30 meters from the river’s edge conservation corridors should fauna here is abundant and pristine.

This region is famous for Proboscis monkey because they have nearly identical to human DNA. Especially we have nosed, long tail, climb and jump very fast. This monkey is seen as a symbol of Sandakan, where the river’s downstream flow.

a Gunung Mulu national park Borneo Malaysia

On the late afternoon sun creates lower beam of sunlight radiating down the riverbed in Malaysia nature. Sunbeam crept through pineapple plants blooming on the corner of the clearing. Guests like to be sinking into the hauntingly of light, pristine forests, quietness of his heart to find some peace in modern life.




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