malacca food

It’s the delicious breakfast in casual setting and peace, as every day’s life. And from here, had an idyllic Melaka does not belong to the tourists stay in my heart …

I woke up in the small space of a house at the end of Walking Street Jonker Street, the famous street of the ancient town of Melaka river, Malaysia. In the beginning I think of chicken rice Famosa members have read somewhere that it’s one of the pleasures of gastronomy “try” when visiting this beautiful town pink in Malaysia travel.8 Penang 2 day trip

Melaka River west coast landscape has fascinated me all afternoon and last night made for tired legs walk. We are down the street. It seems that it is too early. The house closed quiet, long-deserted city people’s footsteps.

Floral wedding party front porch the night dew still wet. Going into the small town just met a few old men is quietly sweeping, cleaning door. Some shops sell local breakfast for guests scattered, pot steaming broth and warm, Malacca food. 

Ancient architecture remains king as the hallmark of a vibrant prosperous, just quietly nestled high into the just pride.

I remember diner Chicken rice ball – Famosa Chicken Rice Park, is recognized as a typical dish of Melaka. An afternoon wandering round I saw diner called Famosa prominent on the street, very crowded, even some who had lined up to wait tables.

Maybe the morning when the tourists on the shores of the East River to Melaka food yet, I will have a chance to enjoy breakfast without having kept anxiously waiting.

Think so, I walked towards Jalan Hang Jebat main street Jalan Hang Kasturi street intersects, easily visible red painted house facade on the corner of two full mark on China by textures and colors.

It is true that the low morning, only a few people scattered. We easily select a table adjacent to the counter to see how other people call the map before choosing gifts for yourself.

Inside the main restaurant is painted in two colors red gold, on the wall there hung a few pictures, images reminiscent of an old Melaka. Surrounded by round table surrounded by chairs round the rock face.langkawi food

Quite crowded in the afternoon as the last afternoon, guests will have to eat and share the limited space and have a hot due to the layout brings.

The menu of the restaurant in Malaysia travel had plenty of Chinese food but staff Predominantly chicken rice served with chicken, boiled duck / pork spinning and spinning.


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