honeymoon in langkawi package

If you plan to one of the most romantic island in Southeast Asia, the pair needs a certain preparation to honeymoon complete and perfect.

Select time

Langkawi island has a warm climate all year round, with an average temperature of about 28 degrees C. However, the most appropriate time to enjoy a honeymoon cool, pleasant dry weather, the dry season is from October to March next year.langkawi Langkawi in Malaysia


From Vietnam, the couple can book tickets by airlines Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, or save more for tickets Cheap airline Air Asia. Every day there are flights from Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur airport. Then you will fly next to the Langkawi International Airport after more than 1 hour.

Langkawi airport pier and many counters to provide information about the hotel, all kinds of tours, car rental services … You can experience by self-drive car rental, taxi per km, renting motorcycles, or walk the trails to explore the waterfalls, lakes and forest primeval landscape. Rents range from 35 motorcycles RM / day car rental from RM 180 / day. The vehicles move in the opposite direction with Vietnam and most of the way on the island is the mountain pass. If you do not have much experience, so take a taxi to ensure safety.

Hotels and resorts

langkaw diving things to know about Langkawi

The couple can set aside a budget to stay romantic destinations, matching honeymoon couple’s children, to enjoy the private space and premium services. Some of the leading 5 star hotels such as The Danna Langkawi infinity pool with views of the beautiful beaches, the Andaman Resort is designed royal architecture, the villas have swimming pools and private beach, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa with accommodation system designed completely from wood close to nature; Four Season Hotel & Resort, topped the top hotels in Langkawi’s most beautiful resort with a private beach along the system turquoise rooms, furnished bungalows, exquisite décor.

langkawi sunset Langkawi top attractions

If you want to save the budget for your honeymoon in langkawi package, you can find hotels, guest houses more affordable price near Pantai Cenang, the most crowded places on the island. During peak season or weekends, the island attracts many tourists should book in advance to take the initiative and more secure (visa card).


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