best street food in Malaysia-Malaysia travel

Street delicacies like chicken Ayam Percik, Rojak salad vegetables, bread Roti Jala, Assam Laksa noodles, … not only bring new culinary experience but also help visitors discover a part of the Malaysian culture .

in Malaysia travel, Percik Ayam chicken is one of the best street food in Malaysia popular by its delicious taste. Pieces of chicken satay marinated with chilli, garlic, ginger, and coconut milk sauce. Then they are grilled directly over charcoal. Just sprinkle baking seller just add the sauce to the chicken soaked up more spice, more delicious. Despite satay marinated peppers but more coconut chicken Ayam Percik should be less spicy, bring the sweetness of coconut milk. Certainly visitors will be attracted by this scent while walking on the street in Malaysia trip.

Salad vegetables Rojak

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Rojak is a salad made from raw vegetables and fruits such as shredded green mango, green apple, cucumber, papaya, guava … Air in spicy sauce spicy and salty shrimp paste mixed with a concentration of tofu fried peanuts sprinkled on top of crushed pineapple aroma, Bui Bui. The harmony between the many types of fruit with some types of seafood such as shellfish or shrimp tart flavor make it hard not stimulate both the visual diners to taste.

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Roti Jala cake snacks are sold everywhere, especially during the fasting month. Malaysians often eat this bread with goat curry or chicken curry instead want to buy rice and visitors are also private dining. Raw materials for baking Roti Jala including flour, coconut milk, turmeric powder, eggs, salt. First will mix all the ingredients together, then pour into the mold steamed. Since there coconut cake will be soft, not dry like other types of biscuits.

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Another dish to try another street when Malaysia travel Pelita Tepung cake – pastries are many locals favorite. In addition to the cake, the coconut milk and pandan road there. Pandan purpose is to create a fragrance into separate Pelita Tepung cake. Not only sold in street stalls, but in some bakeries and local restaurants still have this cake.


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