Why visit Penang city Malaysia

The following unique features have helped Penang – charming beautiful island culture of Malaysia as tourists near and far rejoiced last time.Immediately after the island city of Penang Georgetown (Malaysia) are included in the Lonely Planet list of 10 most attractive cities to visit interesting planet in 2016, many players were scheduled phượt explore this destination.
The walls speak
Before you catch the eye of Lonely Planet, George Town was the old town is a UNESCO world cultural heritage.
One of the most famous addresses island destinations 3D street art graffiti. Not hot burn markings, western-style insurgency, the 3D graffiti mural in Penang Asian poetic way like innocent faces of the children together on the bike carrier, suspended swings his baby girl on a giant swing, father’s older cars or stray cat hiding in the corner of the wall crumbling …

14 Penang 2-day trip itinerary

The painter has exquisite paintings coordination with actual objects to create 3D virtual medium has real character as if living with you.

Find the flow architecture past and present

There are hundreds of years old, every structure in Penang is a story about a memorable past of this land. It is the harmony between cultures UK, India, China, Malaysia stood together throughout history.

One of the most famous works of Penang city is home to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion neck. Built in the 1800, is owned by a Chinese businessman, old houses always curious tourists as strange blue hue.

13 Penang 2-day trip itinerary


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