Why visit Langkawi island, Malaysia

Referring to the Malaysian island paradise is sure many visitors will think of Langkawi – places always in the top of the most romantic island on the planet.Langkawi is located in northern Malaysia, the center of Kuala Lumpur, about 1 hour flight. Besides the glamor and gorgeous beaches, Langkawi also attracts a lot of visitors to the bustling shopping district. More specifically, all the goods here are tax deductible. Photo: bizwizaviation

Dubbed the pearl island nature meets the unique morphology. Langkawi is where visitors can experience the different spaces, from the scenic mountain next to the mangroves and diving into the sea. The very diversity of ecosystems make synthetic resort but still has its own distinctive features. Photo: M. AL-LINGAWI


Langkawi, also known as a pearl of tourism Malaysia. The islands in the state of Kedah, which borders Thailand. The small island in the archipelago should be preserved well primeval forest with rare animals. Photo: travelguidechannel.net

Langkawi Eagle Pier
Dataran Lang, or ÔEagle SquareÕ, is a huge monument in the shape of a sea-eagle in pre-flight pose perched on some rocks. This huge 12-meter high statue greets visitors who come to Kuah by ferry as they ride to the jetty. The eagle is symbolic of Langkawi Island as its name derives from the Malay word for eagle. The square is a landscaped area with ponds, terraces and bridges, making it a nice place to take a stroll and admire the view of the sea. Canon EOS 450D XSi Tamron 28-80mm lens ISO 100 F/8.0 Exposure Fusion

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