Visit Sepilok – Malaysia

In Malay, Sang mean person, is Utan Forest. This chimpanzee is one of the pride of conservation efforts in a long time.

Northern Region Borneo (Malaysia) is famous for UrangUtan chimpanzees, but where there are many things worthy for you to spend a day, to ask you respectfully, more natural.

Sanctuary is located in the tropical forest. But do not worry, there will be shuttle Kabili-Sepilok Forest to door. Only thing, this place is not like zoos of hospitality in the city you usually know. Take time to go over 25 km from Sandakan (Sabah, Malaysia, takes about 45 minutes by bus), or if more than 5 hours away from the city Kota Kinabalu (Sabah state capital). Then you walk a few tens of minutes to arrive. This journey completely worth if you want to know the paradise in Borneo, Malaysia

The observation area Forest

Those who like to explore nature is no stranger to the rule: if you want to be seen forests including aquatic ecosystems intact, you must take the time and your appreciation. Do not rush, if you choose to peaceful places like this.
First you will visit the chimpanzees sanctuary UrangUtan. This is one of the pride of Malaysia on conservation efforts in a long time.

In Malay, Urang mean person, is Utan Forest. So chimps are also viewed as The Forest. Sepilok is directing a guardian, rescue, care and storage of this valuable species to illegal hunting and export of pet accidents increases.

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To ensure the natural habitat, for decades (since 1964), has zoned Sepilok forest protection belt up around chimpanzees are free to run and jump. Currently, about 100 children are in intensive care. The healthy child is exposed to visitors. Lots chimps born and grow safely in their homes.

Chimpanzees are intelligent animals. We are witnessing a healthy, fun run, swing, volleyball spike, making funny gestures is most vivid reality of the magic of nature. The reserve has a lot of research, development documents chimpanzees in the library and display area.

Watching the kids asleep greenwood

Sunbear bears Reserve is also a place where you can choose a chair to sit quietly to watch the “children” innocent nap. This bears are in the endangered category, daily hunted in rainforests. But here, we are assured of absolute safety.

Standing along the bird’s range

For those who love tropical birds are quiet or enjoy the best images, Sepilok systematic aerial suspension bridge spanning the ancient trees. This place is really quiet, full of light, lots of birds. This is a great place, great to see firsthand Wallace nesting eagles, hornbills hornbill fruit, countless birds Sunbird nectar.

If you save the Sepilok, Malaysia one night, start a trip to night trip was seeing the giant flying lizards (giant squirrel), several species of owls, weasels, loris …

Believe me, you are in the same range of birds, right in the middle where they nest and most were singing freedom.

Why is it important to Sepilok rainforest system?

No one is calling Sepilok ecotourism area, and no one sees this as a zoo, park or zoo that call this sanctuary. This is the true home of wild animals, where they were born or have been born here and was rescued and brought home, where UrangUtan chimpanzees, bears Sunbear … are guaranteed all the rights of all home.

This is a model of sustainable conservation to preserve the survival of the earth ecosystem.


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