Tips travel to Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia is now quite favorable, especially since Malaysia is among the countries “free” visas for Vietnam. Usually, tourists often combine tours as a Malay and Sing, by two bordering countries, even possibly from Sing into Malay by bus. had a lot of articles on Singapore travel then, so today we will share some travel experience Malaysia self-sufficient, cheap for people just entering the first. The reference you would offline.

Malaysia Travel Experiences
The appropriate time to tour Malaysia

Do you know why Malaysia is called tropical paradise? That’s because the weather and the climate is always warm and humid tropical nature, give up a very unique ecosystem, diverse and extremely rich. So you can travel to any Malaysia self-sufficient at this time of year:

cenang Langkawi island in Malaysia

– From April to September: As the dry season in Malay, the average temperature usually ranges from about 29 – 35 ° C. Malay travel empirical self, then you should come cheap tropical paradise at this time, because the plan will not eat your play is affected by the rains, especially this very appropriate time to implement an ecotourism trip and enjoy the tropical fruits in Malaysia.

From January 10 to March next year: As the rainy season in Malaysia. You can suddenly see the clouds pouring rain while visiting a certain location. So if this time to Malaysia to bring warm clothes, raincoats and umbrellas offline.
Move: Vehicles move while traveling Malaysia

Transportation to Malaysia: There are two ways for you to Malaysia: Airplanes and buses

– Aircraft: Currently at the Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat (HCM) have a lot of airlines have direct flights to Kuala Lumpur airport ticket prices fluctuate from 4.000.000VND to 6.000.000VND, such as Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar and AirAsia. In particular, according to Tourism Malaysia’s experience cheap, saving the airline AirAsia is always more deals for cheap airline tickets traveler Malay.

Note: When you buy a plane ticket should buy return tickets. Otherwise you would not be where immigration in Malaysia.

– Bus or train: If you intend to combine a tour of Singapore – Malaysia or Thailand -Malaysia the bus and train transport is ideal:

Singapore-Malaysia: You take the bus from downtown Singapore to Johor Bahru (Malaysia). Then you continue to change the bus to Melaka and Putrajaya. Finally go Skytrain Rapid KL to get to Kuala Lumpur.
Thailand-Malaysia: Take a train or bus from Hat Yai (Thailand) to get to Kuala Lumpur. Or you can also take the train from Bangkok, Thailand to Penang Butterworth close.


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