Specialties of Malaysia

Roti canai, curry chicken, beef skewer, nasi lemak … is the signature dish of Malaysia, attracting tourists by rich materials, unique spices and taste appeal.

Roti canai: This is the typical breakfast items Malaysia, Malaysia Specialties  originated from India. However, you can enjoy at any time of the day. Flour, eggs and ghee (melted butter and remove water) are mixed, spread thin on a baking pan and then folded. This dish is delicious when served hot, with a crispy crust and soft bowel. Roti canai is usually served with curry. Photo: Michael Shum / Flickr.

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Curry chicken: Malaysia Specialties Chicken is cut in pieces, cooked with rempah – a spicy sauces including complex, and coconut milk. Soft pieces of meat, tasty, spicy and very aromatic white rice with the same food. Photo: Nutmegsseven.

Asam laksa: Pasta is a favorite in Malaysia has reinforced broth from tamarind, add fish, cucumber, pineapple and a little basil. You can enjoy this dish anywhere in Malaysia. Photo: The Food Canon.

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Curry Laksa: Fever rempah (including technology, ginger, lemongrass, chili, shrimp paste …) and coconut milk broth giving rich taste appealing. Curry Laksa is usually served with pasta, add shrimp, fried tofu, cucumber, fish and eggs members. Photo: Sbs.


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