Malacca city tour package

As the oldest city of Malaysia, Malacca is famous as the city of peace with ancient houses. Currently, tourists Malacca is known for being a multi-cultural city, colorful with the convergence of architectural styles, the Chinese culture, Portuguese, Dutch and local color.

A’Famosa fortress
Portugal was built in the early 1500s, a must in the malacca city tour -the fort A Famosa is storage of ammunition, residence of the officers, Captain in the war at that time. Currently what remains of the fort A Famosa just ruins, except Porta de Santiago stone gate still standing over hundreds of years. Thanks to the Stamford Raffles (the founder of Singapore) has helped to avoid the fort’s demolition plans before the British handed over to the Netherlands in 1808.

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Mosque Masjid Selat (Melaka Straits)
This sanctuary opened in 2006 for malacca city tour package, built in the style of the Middle East combined with Malay architecture. Built on an artificial island located next to Malacca Town, Masjid Selat is designed as a floating object at sea when the water level rises. Especially at night the cathedral becomes extremely bright thanks to a series of light reflective colors. Masjid Selat is considered one of the most beautiful sights in Malacca.



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