24 hours in Penang

Is a beautiful island city of Malaysia, Penang is a destination increasingly popular with Vietnamese tourists thanks to the delicious dishes attractive, charming scenery and ancient cultural identity.

One day is not enough for you to discover all the interesting things in paradise island Penang, but also up to you to explore the capital of George Town, a place to keep the imprint of many cultures: China, India, the UK, … native Malaysia, and is a UNESCO heritage city. Hire a bike before starting this journey.


Start your day with a breakfast in Lebuh Chulia road, Penang. Fresh Bagel bagels baked in the wood stove with a glass of drinking water is a perfect suggestion for you. You can find this dish in any cafe.

Do not eat too much, let the abdomen to the other dishes. Do not let regret at the dish fragrant and colorful that you will come across in a long day.


After enjoying breakfast, just cross the street and go down the street Lorong Carnarvon, you will see lots of stalls selling fresh produce at the market. This narrow street is home to a lot of exciting activities, then you will find yourself quite lucky to decide cycling through here.

Do not forget to order a cup of brewed coffee through a siphon hose and pastries freshly baked specialties (including macaron cakes, tarts and cheese sticks).

10 o’clock

Lebuh Armenian is the paradise of the modern craft stores including Studio Howard, Fuan wong carvings and jewelry stores Jonathan Yun. Meanwhile, Galeri Seni Mutiara is displaying the work place of fresh products. This narrow street which showcases the work of artists and famous reputation of Malaysia.

4 Penang 2-day trip itinerary.jpg

Located opposite Jose Episode Kongsi is China with a massive collection of art books and furniture in Asia. Neighborhood also has museums Toys Lebuh Acheh Ben vertical.
This lovely land will easily account for your lost several hours in the exploration of street art, the art works from giant metal wire, clan houses and stately towers.
After exploring Lebuh Armenian, a quick and simple lunch will relay it to you before you begin the journey to explore Penang afternoon. Choose traditional restaurants in Lebuh Armenian intersection Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and – great place to sample the famous street food.
You find an empty table or sitting with the natives. They will introduce you to the delicious food to enjoy. Call a cup of local coffee, enjoying the same little caffeine and condensed milk, notice how their coffee in a giant sock, Malaysia
Please Lebuh Pantai towards coastal city, Little India towards the Indian community. Along with many other artistic works from metal wire funny. Little India is an area filled with color, churn traffic and noise. Sample Madras coffee or tea flavor Marsala, and recharge with the traditional snack of India.

16 Penang 2-day trip itinerary


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